WTF: Ann Sacks Introduces Tiles Made from Stingray Skin

You’ve got to hand it to the folks over at the Kohler Co. and its many brands: no U.S.-based manufacturer can match their showmanship or their chutzpa. (Few can match their cool product designs either.) I was reminded of Kohler’s skill recently when I saw one of the latest introductions by Ann Sacks, the company’s premium tile brand. It’s called Shagreen, which is a collection of tiles made from the skin of stingrays. Why stingrays, you ask? Because it’s “long prized for its tactile quality and characteristic pointillist pattern.” Well…duh.

If you haven’t touched a stingray (I have, by the way), it has a rough sandpapery quality. This product, the company says, is slightly sanded to create a smooth surface that emphasizes the hide’s granular quality.” Each Shagreen tile is composed of the spine and skin of a stingray bordered in bone and features a spine marking called a “star” centering on the top,” the release says. Very seductive to the touch, the product is available in black and comes in tiles measuring 8 inches by 10 inches, 5 inches by 8 inches, and 4 inches by 5 inches.

So the question you’re probably wondering is how much these tiles will set you back. Well, Kimosabe, you’ll have to pony up $350 per square foot (!) to get this bad boy install in your house.


13 comments on “WTF: Ann Sacks Introduces Tiles Made from Stingray Skin

  1. And #HomeIQ…when I got to the paragraph that started with “So the question you’re probably wondering is…” I thought for sure it would be “is it ethical or moral to kill stingrays for tiles?” But no, it was simply about the cost, and the question of ethics and animal cruelty was never even mentioned. Sad. Where’s the accountability in the industry? Where is the calling out? Just because something is fashionable, or even legal, doesn’t make it right. How about setting yourselves apart from others and getting behind cruelty-free companies and designers who care about animals, and the planet – as processing animal skins is toxic to the environment.

  2. I am shocked at the lack of compassion this designer, and anyone who would purchase such tiles, shows. Seriously?? Killing a living being and turning them into…a tile?!? Sure, I know leather exists as well. But leather – and fur, wool, down, etc. – is incredibly cruel as well! It’s 2016 ffs. There are faux versions of any and all skin that can be obtained from an animal. And there are man-made/synthetic/”future-fabrics” available that are stylish, textured, fashionable, and most of all…cruelty-free! Imagine you’re a living being and you’re turned into..a tile. A shoe. A bag. A belt. Etc. Are we ‘that’ selfish, vain, callous, etc?. I’m seriously shocked about this and ‘will’ contact Ann Sacks, animal rights groups, etc. Seriously people, have a f%^king heart. Would you want your dog or cat to be turned into a tile?? There’s no difference. We are all equal in our ability to suffer.

  3. Yes! Let’s run to the store! Let’s decimate the entire planet for our own decorative pleasure. When it’s out of style in a few we’ll find another animal to kill and display on our walls. I’m sure the coral reefs will be fine, just fine. There are unlimited natural resources, right? After all, only a few species of the stingray are endangered. Who cares about the balance of the ecosystem? Mother Nature won’t care when she sees my fab-u-lous bathroom tile!!

  4. So it’s made from genuine, real live (well, dead) skin? I would’ve guessed it was “patterned after.” It’s a neat concept, but I can’t help but question the logistics behind this. Do they farm their own rays? Fish for them? Hummm…interesting…

      • I don’t have a problem with the whole “skin” thing. Leather is mammal skin. Eelskin is, well, the skin of eels. Snake skin? What’s so different about a stingray?
        What makes this a bit grisly the more I think about the product–although they’re still cool looking–is the bone. Like a harp made from bone and strung with sinew. Sure the music is hauntingly gorgeous, but: bone and sinew!

      • Yeah, I’m a hypocrite because I love leather. Still can’t help but be a little creeped out when I think about. Still, it’s really cool and very tactile. Not a whole lot of color variation though. Can’t think of too many applications where I’ll want black tiles.

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