Does Dornbracht’s Horizontal Shower Make Us Even Lazier?

If I had serious dough to spend and I were in the market for high-quality faucets, at least three of the companies I would check first are based in Germany and one of them would be Dornbracht. (I had the pleasure of seeing their stuff made in Germany, and it’s very impressive. But I digress.) It’s not just the high-quality materials the company uses and the skilled metal workers who make the products, it’s also the commitment to design and innovation. A good example of this innovation is the new Horizontal Shower.

“This dazzling display of technology and streamlined design offers spa-like relaxation for those inclined to recline,” the company’s cheeky press release says. The unit  has six WaterBar sprays, positioned overhead to stimulate neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet.  An eTool electronic control panel manages the individual eValves. The product is indeed cool–in a useless kind of way. Plus it makes us even lazier than we already are. Sign me up!


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