Is It Me, or Does This Cabrits Tub Look Like a European Clog?

Victoria + Albert may not be familiar to many Americans, but this United Kingdom-based brand offers some beautiful modern and traditionally styled bath tubs and sinks made from something the company calls ENGLISHCAST, which is a one-piece casting of volcanic limestone and resin that is supposedly harder and more durable than acrylic. We’ll take their word for it. What’s more important right now is the company’s new Cabrits tub that came across my desk the other day. It reminded me of a shoe–more specifically, a clog.

Named for the Cabrits peninsula on the Caribbean island of Dominica, the tub has a shape that’s for more than show: Its “contours fit the body offering improved support and superior bathing comfort,” the company says. “The compact form and organic beauty of the Cabrits serves as an inspiration to extend the bathing experience into the bedroom or other open spaces within the home and its low profile is ideal for families with children.” The tub measures 68 inches long, 29 3/8 inches wide, and 22 1/8 inches deep. It even comes with a matching Cabrits 55 basin–just in case you want cuffs and collar to match.


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