About Me + This Blog

Let’s be frank for a minute: Your house (probably) sucks! How do I know that? Because most of us live in houses that suck–ugly light fixtures, old refrigerators, inefficient windows, bad flow, worn out countertops, dripping faucets, water-hogging toilets, poorly insulated walls, cheap carpeting, peeling paint, outdated cabinets. I could go on.

I live in a house that sucked, but I’m aware of that fact and tried hard to make it a little more efficient, stylish, and comfortable. Essentially, I tried to make it suck a little less.

That’s where this blog comes in. I want to help you, too.

As a design writer and real estate reporter, I find it disturbing that people are more knowledgeable about their phones than their homes. They know even less about good design, though that is changing (thank you Target, Apple, and J.Crew).

This blog is my attempt to help educate readers about good design and architecture but also to show you new products and trends, and help you with home maintenance, and things of note in the design world. Enjoy!

If you want to chat or need to vent you can do it below or email me at homeiqeditor@gmail.com.


8 comments on “About Me + This Blog

  1. Hello, How do I get in touch with you? There is no email or contact info listed .. please advise .. thanks .. Mary. Please contact me maryregency at gmail dot com

    • Thank you Toan. Though the blog writes about everything, we try to focus on the types of products that people like–kitchen and bath products, tile, and furniture.

  2. All i can say at this time is that it’s with a large independent national media outlet. I write about all of these things (and more) in my day job, but i wanted to do a curated list of products, systems, and technologies that i think are cool, worthwhile, and interesting. I interview a lot of people, travel frequently, and get to see a lot of the products–either at trade shows or in homes. As you can imagine, my bosses may not approve. It’s also good that manufacturers not know who is editing the blog so i (we) can be independent.

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