Del Conca Introduces Titillating New Ceramic Tile Line

Milo Manara is a well-known Italian comic book artist who is known for his, er, erotic and adult themes. But that hasn’t stopped Italian tile manufacturer Del Conca Group from inking a three-year deal under which the company will release a series of tile collections inspired by the seductive figures of his work.

“This will be a complete collection, where eyes, mouths and sensuous profiles chase one another in the tiles through a skillful mix of colors and nuances, thanks to the use of the highest level of digital technology made available to the sketch art of one of the most venerated comic book artists of the last 40 years,” the company said at this year’s Italian tile show.

The collection will include two series of decorative tiles, the first portraying the alternating faces of his most famous heroines. “So the intense look of Molly whose freckled face attracts the full attention of onlookers gives way to the motion created as Miele lets her hair loose, passing to the slightly pursed lips of Gulliveriana in one of the last scenes from the famous comic,” the company said.

Available in 8-inch-by-20-inch tiles, the tiles will include various subjects and colors that can be combined to create strips that go well with solid colors such as white, peach, light blue, and green. In addition, “a square panel with a particularly audacious and intriguing feminine figure completes the collection.”



15da0c1aa0ca5df54cc22c2e3b49faeb manara-2_005 manara-3_002 manara-3_006



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