Company Turns Wyoming Snowfence into Fine Wood

The idea of reclaiming old wood from structures and buildings is by now a familiar story, but I always come across a company that manages to surprise me. This time it’s an outfit named Centennial Woods in Laramie, Wy. Founded in 1999, the it specializes in reclaiming and repurposing weathered wood from Wyoming snowfences—talk about a niche market.

The concept sounds hokie, but the company might be on to something, with a string of ultra cool (and not so cool) houses featuring the warm weathered boards. Siding applications, the company says, is the most popular use of the wood, but it’s not the only use.

“Our reclaimed wood has been used in applications ranging from contemporary restaurants to equestrian facilities,” the company writes. “It is commonly used as vertical and horizontal siding (with and without a ship lap or tongue and groove) as well as various board-on-board or board-and-batten designs. You may choose to keep the natural patina of the reclaimed wood, or choose different levels of surfacing and finishing options to present your home in the exact way you envision it!”

On the inside, the wood can be used for flooring, ceilings, walls, furniture, or even shelving—in fact, anything you can build with wood. Very cool if you want a material that recreates a hipster farmer vibe (which appears to be a thing). See below for examples of the company’s work. Images are courtesy shots from Centennial Woods.





centennial woods_634634653311



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