Kenmore Grab-N-Go Refrigerator Has a Secret

Because sometimes you want a snack or a drink, but you don’t want to open the entire fridge, Sears now offers the Kenmore Elite Grab-N-Go French-door Refrigerator, which features a separate compartment that a home owner can access with a simple push of a button. It gives consumers access to the most-often-used items such as snacks, drinks, and leftovers and removes the need to open both doors. The 31-cubic-foot unit also comes with an in-door ice maker, slide-away shelves, and six door bins in the grab and go compartment. All this for $3,299.


6 comments on “Kenmore Grab-N-Go Refrigerator Has a Secret

    • I always wondered about their reliability and performance. As those of us in the industry know, they don’t make ANYTHING. Their applainces are made by others such as Whirlpool and Samsung and LG(I think), but their products are cooler than the products of the companies that make them. How do you account for that? I happen to like their PRO line, but that’s from a design perspective.

      • O. All pens are or have been mine. I had a very intense bulry-y-setl period a couple of years ago, but it I’ve never bought pens just to take photos of it. I’ve been lucky to make a few bargains too. 😉

      • Thanks so much, David. And I’m glad that Monopoly thing rang true for you. I had fond memories of Monopoly until one of my nephews got into it a few years ago and I rapidly came to realize that it was the worst game on earth!

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