Connecticut Photographer Alix Martinez’s Very Cool Studio

So the other day, I’m tooling around the internet perusing the many blogs that I follow, when I came across the site of a photographer. Her name is Alix Martinez, and she specializes in children, baby, and families. In short, her work is incredible. What’s also amazing is that her studio is awesome. I know it’s not a house—though it’s better than many of the houses I come across—I just had to reach out to her and do a post on her and the building.

 How long have you been a photographer?

I started my photography journey in college, then became a re-toucher, moved to New York City and worked for Hearst magazines retouching for Maire Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, and then I went back to photography about 7 years ago shooting still life.

Do you ever shoot architectural work?

I loved photographing designed buildings in college, but felt my passion was still life and children. I occasionally get hired to photograph buildings and interiors, and I love finding the beauty in the figures and textures.

Who did you use to design your studio? 

I had the idea of how I wanted the studio to look, as it needed to be a working photo studio with the back white wall for paper and backdrops. The architect helped come up with the design and the large windows.

Who is the architect?

An architect named Joeb Moore in Greenwich. I loved working with him and all his associates, super talented and the project went seamlessly.

What made you decide to hire an architect?

I was actually speaking with our pediatrician who is amazing, and she had mentioned her husband was an architect. I met with him a few weeks later, and I fell in love with his designs and concepts, and it was a no-brainier.

See images of Alix’s awesome studio below and see her work on her blog or facebook

All photos by Alix Martinez Photography.


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