An Ingenious Lamp that’s Also a Showerhead

German faucet maker Hansgrohe is known for cutting-edge kitchen and bath pluming products, and the company has done it once again with an unusual new showerhead.

Designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo, the LampShower is a cross between a light fixture and a showerhead. Launched under the company’s Axor luxury division, Lampshower features 120 no-clog spray channels, a fully chrome-plated spray disc, and a low-voltage, 5-watt LED light module that offers 2,700 K. The spray face is removable for cleaning. It flows with 2.5 gallons of water per minute and comes in chrome.

Like most of the brand’s products, the showerhead is not cheap. It’s priced between $2,260 and $2,835.

Ambience_Axor_LampShower_by Nendo_1 Ambience_Axor_LampShower_by Nendo_2 Axor_LampShower_by Nendo_Ceiling_Chrome_Light Axor_LampShower_by Nendo_Wall_Chrome_Light Axor_LampShower_by Nendo_Wall_Chrome_Night


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