Oborain Introduces an Insanely Slick Outdoor Shower

Walking home in the rain is one thing, but there’s something special (and refreshing) about taking a shower alfresco. A jury-rigged hose fastened to the side of the house, of course, is unacceptable and, if I may say, a little crude. We’re not animals, after all. The elegant way to shower outdoor is in these sleek numbers from Greenfield, Mass.-based Oborain, which claims to have launched “the first modern pre-fab outdoor shower.” While I can’t verify the veracity of that statement, I can tell you that the shower is very slick.

The system features a cumaru Brazilian hardwood shower deck, meranti hardwood wood panels, and a stainless steel frame. The clincher is the Axor Citterio shower system from German manufacturer Hansgrohe. All of these components come as one package that can be assembled in 30 minutes, the company says. For flexibility sake, the shower can be installed either as a permanent or temporary structure.

“Our moto is shower anywhere,” company co-founder Kirsten Oxboel says. “We truly believe that showering outdoors is too great a joy to be reserved just for vacations. Our hope is that we can bring this idea to all landscapes and environments, transforming the mundane nature of one’s daily routine into a blissful experience.”

Of course, anything this beautiful is going to cost you some dough. How much dough: Prices range from $4,300 (for a single) to $12,000 (for a triple).


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