Cool new styles from FLOR. Check it out.


With the change of seasons comes a renewed focus on the home and a desire to surround ourselves with scents, sounds, colors and textures that exude a familiar warmth and coziness.

At FLOR, we embrace this season by challenging expectations and choosing to reinvent what’s familiar. We view this time of year as one of celebration. A time when you’re allowed (and encouraged) to decorate your homes beyond what is considered normal and right. It’s a time of possibility and personal expression.

Below is a rundown of our new looks for Fall including graphic patterns, seasonal solids and fresh mixes of our FLOR faves.

New Patterns with Fall Flair

Craft Work™:  Because it makes you feel a little hip, or because it’s of-the-moment-ly timeless, or because you want to bring the feeling of a campfire into your living room in the dead of winter, let Craft Work help…

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