Furniture Week 2012, Day 3: The Return of Hans J. Wegner

Hans J. Wegner’s CH33.

When it comes to furniture design, you either lean Italian or you lean Danish (or you possibly lean American Shaker or mid-century modern; who knows?). While I usually love all things Italian (down to those wicked cool Piaggio scooters), I prefer products from names such as Arne Vodder, Jens Risom, Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, et al. Another giant of Danish furniture design that I love is Hans J. Wegner, the man who brought the world such icons as the Wishbone Chair, the Valet Chair, the Sawbuck Chair, the Elbow Chair, the Wing Chair, the…well you get the drift. Wegner was the man.

Well the man Wegner also designed the CH33 in 1957, but it was so rare you could only find it at auctions. Not anymore. The designer’s long-time collaborator, Denmark-based Carl Hansen & Son, launched the CH33 at the international furniture fair in Cologne earlier this year, and it’s now available in stores. The chair comes in lye-treated or oil-treated beech and oak, or in new painted versions that include white, grey, pale blue, orange, and black—the original palette of Wegner colors. It’s also available with and without upholstery in fabric or leather (my favorite).


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