London Design Festival – Day 2

Kitchen Studio of Naples, Inc.

DAY 2: Brompton Design District, 100% Design

We began day two at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), now in it’s 5th year as the London Design Festival’s central hub.

Our guides whisked us through the various exhibits hardly giving us much time to stop and take in the exhibits much less capture a good photograph.

In partnership with Swarovski, the London Design Festival commissioned 14 designers to each find a tiny detail within the V&A and highlight it using a Swarovski lens. The project, entitled God is in the Details, takes the famous phrase coined by legendary German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a starting point to encourage the visitor to discover design features that may have otherwise been overlooked.

image via Swarovski | KitchAnn Style

image via Swarovski | KitchAnn Style

Canadian Designer Omer Arbel created the 28.280 installation, suspending 280 individual Bocci 28 series handblown glass lights from the museum’s cupola to create a giant chandelier. The…

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