Is This the Light Bulb of the Future?

In a world where almost anything and seemingly everything can be controlled with a smart phone, there are things we probably didn’t consider. Here is a new one: a light bulb.

Launched as a project on the funding platform KickStarter, LIFX is a Wi-Fi-enabled energy-efficient LED bulb that homeowners can control with a smart phone. It’s rated for brightness exceeding 900 lumens, or about equivalent to a 75-watt incandescent bulb.

“You want smart bulbs to be as bright as possible, because with full control via the app, brightness is your only limit,” says founder and CEO Phil Bosua. “With LIFX you’ll be able to choose from over 16 million colors, control every light from your smart phone, and do some cool tricks like visualizing music just by changing your light bulbs, and all without compromising on brightness.”



2 comments on “Is This the Light Bulb of the Future?

  1. I’d love to see the calculations on this product. Yes, LED’s are more energy efficient in themselves, but when you start tying lightbulbs into wifi, which then is controlled through a device which required another charge (i.e. the phone), which has it’s own energy/carbon cost, and then enable it to tied into another system such as your stereo system. THEN ontop of that add the extra manufacturing costs/resources used/energy to manufacture compared to a smple bulb, then add to THAT increased complexity in disposal, likely more material wastage as fewer things can be properly reclaimed, all the other issues raised in Cradle to Cradle, I wonder how much you’re really saving with such a product?
    And surely, the point of energy efficiency is to use less energy outright, not to make some things require less power so we can use the power saved on more relatively silly gizmos?

  2. Reblogged this on Our Eco House and commented:
    Sounds like a bright idea… We plan to use LED lighting throughout our scheme, as you can see from this product, and various others out there, they can slot right in where your old bulb was – assuming you buy the right size.

    Some advice we got at Eco Build was to double check the lumens outputted, there are some cheap solutions out there (not this one) which are not really bright enough. Assuming you start to compensate buy doubling or trippling, you make limited saving and you are munching the same amount of power….

    We want to right a bit about Original BTC, but will do that in a future post, we love that fact that these fittings are still made in the UK, using porcelain and other lovely finishes, coming soon 😉

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