Hip, Trippy dform Lighting Fixtures Made Right Here in the U.S.A.

There’s definitely something in the water over there in Brooklyn, N.Y. It would take me about a day to list all the cool architects, furniture designers, architectural manufacturing outfits, fashion designers, and all-around creative class cropping up in the borough. Here is another, dform, a company started in 2001 by designer James Dieter. I first ran into this outfit about five years ago, but I had all but forgotten about them until recently when I was cleaning out my Rolodex (yes, some people still keep those). The company makes lighting and architectural screens out of wood veneer and metal. Here’s how they describe it. “Dform products reflect an exploration of flat sheet materials into textural and sculptural forms. The resulting lighting and screens are characterized by their three dimensional surfaces of pattern and shadow.” The designs are fresh, but what’s stupid fresh is that all of the products are domestically manufactured and hand assembled in the company’s Brooklyn studio.

Saucer Basket Pendant in birch.
Spiral Saucer Pendant in aspen.
Meep Pendant in aspen.
Pucci Pendant in birch.
Spiral Saucer Tripod in aspen.
Marge table lamp in aspen.





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