Dwell Magazine Sidles Up to the Men

We here at the Q don’t traffic in lazy stereotypes (well maybe sometimes). We like to think that we have an open mind about a myriad of issues. Some of them we never think about. But leave it to dwell magazine to give us the heads up on one of them: the stereotype of interior design being the woman’s domain (literally and figuratively). The editors “recognize that a home benefits just as much from a man’s touch. Saying goodbye to the Barcalounger and hello to Hans Wegner‘s 1953 Valet chair, we celebrate the refined taste of the man’s take on interiors.” We haven’t gotten that far in the issue yet, but apparently the modern-day modernist’s bible offers up several features about men behaving tastefully. Here’s a sample from magazine’s press release:

* Going inside the home of Bill Thompson, we show readers the modern version of the man-cave.

* A Q+A with interior designer Kyle Schuneman about his new book The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces gives readers further reading material from a masculine point of view.

 Here are some shots from dwell’s spread on Thompson’s home. Photos by Zen Sekizawa via dwell magazine.



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