The Elan Collection Classes Up Outdoor Teak Furniture

So last week the Design Within Reach e-newsletter popped up in my mailbox. I love DWR. They’ve managed to convince hipsters and design aficionados that they need cool modern furniture and bric-a-brac, but they’ve also manage to get people to pay a premium for said merchandise. But I digress. The lead story in the transmission, about a new line of outdoor molded teak furniture called Elan, was classic DWR: a product that’s familiar but so stylish you want to run right out and get one. Teak outdoor furniture isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but the svelte and sensuous curves (and the shiny stainless steel fittings) make the products seem entirely fresh. The site says it’s the first molded teak chairs on the market. It also adds that the chairs were submerged in water for eight months and did not delaminate. In true DWR style, of course, a dining chair cost $695, an adjustable chair cost $1,175, and a dining extension table cost $3,050.

Elan chaise
Elan extension dining table
Elan adjustable head rest lounge
Elan adjustable lounge chair

One comment on “The Elan Collection Classes Up Outdoor Teak Furniture

  1. These are really neat. I particularly like the one at the top that’s sort of like a sleeper. It would be nice if they came in a darker wood though.

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