These Shower Systems are Way Better and Way Cooler Than Yours

It was bound to happen, though I’m a little puzzled it took so long. I’m talking about high-tech ingenuity being applied to the shower. Kohler got there first with the DTV custom showering system—at least, I think they did; it was certainly the first one I saw. A revolution when it first appeared, DTV is a digital showering platform that allows a bather to control water, lights, music, and steam from an electronic keypad. It’s quite a piece of (expensive) technology, and Kohler recently updated the line with a more flexible and affordable version called DTV Prompt, making it more accessible to regular schnooks like me.

These days Kohler has competition. Hansgrohe, which we wrote about last year, has RainBrain and Moen has ioDigital. We even wrote about a poor man’s version, the iShower, introduced by iDevices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year (see the post here).

We’ve found a couple more. First up is the Serenity, a self-contained, shower proof, compact 10-inch diameter module that produces full spectrum light and sound for relaxing chromatherapy. Manufactured by ThermaSol, it’s also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to wirelessly control the audio in their steam shower from anywhere in the bathroom (if the space is big enough, of course). It also comes with an optional remote that controls the whole ball of wax, and it even has a voice response feature that confirms your selections.

Another digital shower platform was introduced to the market last year by Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Watermark Designs. The company’s Luxury Shower System is a fully customizable setup allowing users to create a personalized bathing experience. A digital touch screen operates up to four shower outlets,  lights, audio device, and nine programmable preset showering scenarios. The system also tracks water usage through its Green Statistics function, which displays current, maximum and minimum water used in the shower, and allows the user to compare consumption to eight other pre-sets.

What will they think of next?

ThermaSol Serenity
ThermaSol Serenity Remote
Watermark Designs LSS
Watermark Designs LSS
Kohler DTV Prompt
Kohler DTV II

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