We Love This Artistic Tile Mosaic, But Where Would We Install It?

If you read our Tile Week coverage last year, you know that Artistic Tile is a favorite of ours. Founded by Nancy Epstein, the company is at the forefront of some of the coolest looking ceramic and stone tiles you’ll come across. But the company’s new introduction, Chrysanthemum, has us puzzled. Part of the Perlamarmi Collection, the product is indeed gorgeous—make no mistake! It’s made from polished Calacatta Gold marble and white natural rivershell that have been water-jet cut into this stunning mosaic. Our question, however, is where would you put it? Perhaps some of you have suggestions. Better yet, maybe the company would like to chime in and give us some pointers. Nancy? www.artistictile.com.


4 comments on “We Love This Artistic Tile Mosaic, But Where Would We Install It?

  1. I just purchased for a feature wall in my master bath. I’m installing it all along one wall above the vanity. It’s absolutely gorgeous – I fell in love when I walked by the Artistic Tile showroom and saw it displayed in the window.

  2. I just bought it to put behind my range in our kitchen so I can enjoy its beauty while I’m stirring my gumbo! Cannot wait!

  3. Anywhere in my house, is where you can install it!
    Perfect for a master bathroom with a spa or garden theme. I can just see it encrusting a wall around a sunken soaker tub. Or around a mirror.

  4. We’re glad you love Chrysanthemum, we love it too. Your question does not surprise me, as it is a very unique pattern – floral, soft, sensuous, exotic, a bit Asian, spa-like, feminine. Not your usual tile at all.

    I think this product would look great in a master bathroom. It also makes a dramatic statement in an entryway, is perfect as a backsplash, an accent wall, or as an inset within molding in a dining room. I bet your readers will have ideas of how to showcase Chrysanthemum that we haven’t even thought of!

    Thank you for your kind words, homeiq is a terrific site.
    Happy New Year,
    Nancy Epstein
    Founder & CEO
    Artistic Tile

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