These Tiles Are Among The Coolest We’ve Seen Recently

The early part of the new year is a good time for tile lovers. In the first four months we’ll see introductions of new products at Surfaces (the show about floor coverings that include wood, tile, and carpeting), Cevisama (the Spanish tile show), and Coverings (the North American show about tile and stone). But cool stuff is introduced all throughout the year. Case in point is the new products by New Ravenna Mosaics in Exmore, Va. Made with jewel glass and marble, the company creates custom mosaics for floors and walls. “Winter whites are a modern way to retain the purity and neutrality of white tile while infusing a wall or floor with a fresh sense of adventure, warmth and glamour,” says founder and creative director Sara Baldwin. Edie 1 and Sophie from the Silk Road Collection are available, but our favorite is Muses. The product is gorgeous, but it’s too rich for our blood: $317.40 a square foot!

Muses is made from Thassos and Carrara marble.

Edie 1 is made from Nero Marquina, Bardiglio, Thassos, and Carrara marble.
Available in various sizes, Sophie is made from Calacatta and Thassos marble.

3 comments on “These Tiles Are Among The Coolest We’ve Seen Recently

  1. Thanks so much for including our products! As for the price point, a little goes a long way with the Muses, or any of our mosaics, for that matter (Sometimes you only need ONE band of naked women). You can apply on an entire wall or floor, or frame out a panel or border to add drama to a space that does not require wall to wall coverage (and it’s MUCH less expensive). All the best,

    • I agree. I always write stories telling people that you cn use the higher-end material but just use a little bit of it for great impact. Keep up the good work.

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