Mythic Paint Brand Shows Contractors Some Love

A longtime player in the non-toxic, low volatile organic compound paint category, Mythic has respectable green cred. But the company’s price tags made you laugh: Some products go for $50 a gallon (Laughing yet?). The company, however, has seen the light. It now offers Mythic Pro, a new line of high-performance, non-toxic paint made for professional painters. The company claims the product provides all the benefits of its original line—such as “durable finish, excellent coverage, and superior touch up capabilities”—but is priced lower than the original Mythic paint to enhance professional’s profits. It’s “ideal for professionals who need a high-quality product but are concerned about breathing in toxins during their work day,” the company says. But just because it’s made for contractors doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Available in 1,225 colors and flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes, the line costs only $30.


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