HomeIQ Endorses The Metal Roof; Here’s Why You Should, Too

We know what you’re thinking (yes, we’re clever like that)—“Why should I care about roofing when I’m unlikely to need one in the foreseeable future?” The bottom line is that even if you live in an apartment you’ll own a house some day and will need a roof at some point. Hopefully, you’ll remember that there’s just no other way to go

Metal is lightweight (this is a good thing), but it’s also strong and durable. The rumors of its longevity are not overstated: There are roofs in Europe—pick a city!—with roofs that are well over a 100 years old. Metal roofs can be made from recycled material such as zinc, copper, or aluminum, and it can be recycled into oblivion.  Plus—and this is the really good part—a metal roof reflects heat and helps you save money on cooling costs in the summer, says the U.S. Department of Energy and the Metal Roofing Alliance.

Metal rocks, but the truth is that it costs at least three times more than basic products such as asphalt (When you start to get into titanium and copper, the cost can go even higher). This is one reason asphalt dominates the roofing industry. Still, for us here at The Q, metal rules. And the beauty is perhaps our number one reason. See below if you don’t believe us. For more information, visit www.metalroofing.com.

If you have a little shack by the sea, nothing is better than metal. Plus, check out how freaking cool it looks. (Photo: Courtesy Metal Roofing Alliance/www.metalroofing.com.)
This Ohio project by Jose Garcia Design shows metal used on an ultra contemporary house. (Photo: Ryan Kurtz/Courtesy Metal Roofing Alliance)
Metal is even versatile enough to be used as siding. (Photo: Courtesy Metal Roofing Alliance/www.metalroofing.org.)
Lest you think metal is only good on a modern house. Witness this traditional home by the water--and in red to boot. (Photo: Courtesy Metal Roofing Alliance/www.metalroofing.org.)

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