Have You Seen The Amazing Things Corque Design Does With…Cork?

You’d be surprised what you can do with the cork from your many bottles of Syrahs, Rieslings, and Cab Francs. Once, I was at a dinner party where the hostess had made these elegant trivets for hot casseroles. But Corque Design, a Portugal-based design studio, takes cork to a new level. We’re not talking cork peg boards and flooring—that’s standard stuff. We’re talking cool stools, modular seating, wallcovering, and bedroom furniture. Why cork? “Cork is a natural, recyclable, non-toxic, renewable material that is extracted from the bark of the Sobreiro (cork oak) tree every nine years without the need to cut it down. Nuff said! Plus it’s much more resilient than you think. Products are now available in the U.S. at places such as MoMA Retail Stores and Esporão in Manhattan, and TOUCH in Los Angeles.

The studio says the Corqui Lounge Chair by Pedro Silva Dias “combines comfort and aesthetic.” We get the aesthetics, but we’ll have to take their word on comfort.
If you dig wallpaper, at least class it up with something like Wallcork by Sofia Dias. Made from combining cork texture and a textile base, it offers great acoustic and thermal insulation properties.
Vinco, by Toni Grilo, is made from a combination of natural cork and rubber cork that is supported by polished steel.
Designed by Ana Mestre (in collaboration with Inês Pereira), Lagarta is a modular system with seats made from agglomerated expanded cork and finished with a water-based varnish.

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