This Brentwood, Calif., Renovation Shows How Traditional Architecture Should Be Done

We here at Homeiq are modernists, but we’re not the Daniel Libeskind or Frank Gehry-style modernists. We’re more Lake/Flato, Messana O’Rorke, or Feldman Architecture. In other words, we like warm modernism.

Still, we do like a traditional home that’s done well—one that isn’t too stuffy, busy, and loaded with gew gaws and decoration. The Brentwood Estate by Venice, Calif.-based Lewin Wertheimer Architecture is a great example. This home was one of the original Brentwood estates built back in the 1920’s or 1930’s, the architect says, but it wasn’t built particularly well. It did have good bones and historic value though.

Lewin gutted the structure and added square footage to the family room and a few other areas. The architect completely reconfigured the floor plan and added new doors, windows, roof, bathrooms, kitchens, cabinetry and other interior finishes. He also added the pool and completely reconfigured and added to the original carriage house, converting it into the new pool house.

See how traditional architecture should be done.


7 comments on “This Brentwood, Calif., Renovation Shows How Traditional Architecture Should Be Done

  1. Thanks, I’d appreciate that. We currently own a condo in Santa Monica and wonder if purchasing and renovating a home in this area could be a possibility in our future. I absolutely love this renovation, it’s breathtaking.

    • The clients and architect wanted to withhold that information, but I imagine that a house like this would be pretty pricey. For that market and based on the finishes, I’d guess $500 per square foot to $750 per square foot. I will ask again to see if they are willing to share this information. Thanks for your question.

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