Kohler Injects a Measure of Cool to the ADA-Compliant Tub

At some point, we all get old and lose our ability to do certain things. Sometimes even an injury can leave us unable to perform simple functions—getting in and out of a tub, for example. There are tubs on the market that make the bath ritual much easier, but let’s face it, they look utilitarian and unattractive. Kohler, as it often does, has turned its design eye on the category and has come up with a huge improvement: Elevance Rising Wall Bath. Offering what the company calls a stylish alternative to walk-in and institutional-looking baths, it allows users to simply sit in the tub while a lightweight door can be raised with less than 5 pounds of force. The door features a double-chamber inflatable seal that prevents leaks and sensors prevent the door from opening when the bath is full. After the bather is done, the tub drains in under two minutes and the door can be lowered. Features also include an integrated ledge on the back wall for showering products and a grab bar for support during entry and exit. The soaking version is listed at $8,775, and the BubbleMassage version has a MSRP of $9,775. www.kohler.com.


2 comments on “Kohler Injects a Measure of Cool to the ADA-Compliant Tub

  1. Very cool product. Am beginning to deal with family needing to redo rooms and bathrooms for accessibility, and it’s nice to hear about products with a design aesthetic that would intrigue even able-bodied people!

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