Relatively New Concrete Artist Introduces Hip, Modern Dining Table

If you’re part of the design world (or simply follow it like a groupie), you no doubt have heard of concrete specialists Fu-Tung Cheng, Buddy Rhodes, Sonoma Cast Stone, and perhaps even Soupcan. As of 2004, there’s a new name on the scene:  James DeWulf, proprietor of DeWulf Concrete. DeWulf runs a small design outfit that creates “avant-garde, concrete-couture for architects, interior decorators, commercial retail stores, and residential clients.” Harvest Table is his latest. The artist makes the table from fiber-reinforced concrete measuring an inch thick and uses powder-coated, corrugated sheet metal and solid metal for the base. He then hand finishes the surface and seals it for a smooth buttery feel. Measuring 30 inches tall and 54 inches in diameter, the table is also available by special order in 48-, 60-, and 72-inch-diameter sizes. Buy one for your loft or set it on your deck for alfresco dining.


3 comments on “Relatively New Concrete Artist Introduces Hip, Modern Dining Table

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