Consider This Simple Tool If You Have Summer Painting Chores

A home’s exterior is one of the areas most consumers overlook, but it’s perhaps the most important part because it’s what everyone sees. Chances are, you’re neglecting it, too. (My house isn’t in bad shape, but I admit it could use a little sprucing up.) Very often, a simple solution is caulking and a good paint job. A spray gun, such as one of these from Wagner SprayTech Corp., could make life a hell of a lot easier—that’s if you’re interested in tackling the job yourself. The Power Painter Line features the company’s EZ Tilt technology, which allows you to spray in any direction with continuous flow of paint. It also comes with something called Optimus Dual Tip, which, the company explains, are two jets that create a vacuum that draws more paint into the spray pattern for a better finish. The line includes the Power Painter Plus for medium-sized jobs, Power Painter Max for almost any size job, and Power Painter Pro for large jobs. Remember, just because you have one doesn’t mean the job will be a piece of cake. Spray guns take a little while to get used to, but once you get comfortable, it will be smooth sailing.

Power Painter Pro
Power Painter Plus
Power Painter MAX

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