This is One of The Most Elaborate Toilet Seats You’ll See Anywhere

As a country, the United States doesn’t take its toilets and toilet seats all that serious. True, the functionality and the practicality of our sanitary products are first-rate, but bells and whistles are not something that’s important to us (Yankee practicality, I guess). Now, Japan and Europe–different story. Take the new line of multi-function toilet seats/bidets from German manufacturer Duravit. The new SensoWash line offers heating capability, a variety of wash settings, illumination, and power actuated lid and seat that open at the touch of a button. In addition, the seat comes with rear, front and oscillating washes that are differentiated for men and women; a nozzle with adjustable positioning and jet strength; and individual adjustments of water, air and seat temperature. To top things off, it comes with a wireless metallic cube remote control—just in case. At a cost of about $1,900, the seat is a fraction of the cost of an entire new luxury toilet, which will set you a back a cool $7,500.

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