Want Affordable Luxury? Try Nuheat Floor and Shower Warming Mats

Anyone who has had the pleasure of walking or standing barefoot on a heated floor in the dead of winter knows it’s a great underrated pleasure of life. If you haven’t had the opportunity, you don’t know what you’re missing. The British Columbia-based company Nuheat is one of the leaders in electric floor-warming mats that are relatively easy to install and certainly easy to use. The mats will gently warm ceramic tile, stone, and laminate or engineered wood floors and can be connected to a thermostat so home owners can preset when the systems kick on. Radiant floors are cool because, unlike a forced air system, they’re quiet, don’t blow dust around, and heat your feet, which makes the body feel warmer. But now Nuheat is going a step further, introducing what it calls the industry’s first pre-built system for the shower. The Shower Mat is an off-the-shelf pre-built mat that is easily installed in all types of shower bases. Measuring 32 inches by 32 inches (with a 5-inch center drain cutout), it’s perfect for installation on traditional mortar bed shower bases as well as pre-built shower bases such as those by Schluter, Wedi Corp., and Tile Redi. The mat costs about $199. www.nuheat.com.

Traditional Nuheat floor-warming mats.
Nuheat Shower Mat

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