Should They Really be Doing This to Wine?

When we first saw this product, something occurred to us: What would Robert Parker say? Parker, if you’re unfamiliar, is the Baltimore-based wine critic who might be the most influential in the world. (His newsletter, The Wine Advocate , is a must-read, or so we’re told.) At any rate, Vinotemp International says this new Dual-Zone Wine Dispenser and Cooler is the first in the industry with the ability to store up to 88 bottles of wine, dispense from four bottles, and offer dual-zone cooling. “The upper section of the [unit] displays and dispenses up to four open wine bottles and chills 34 bottles; while the lower section stores and chills 54 bottles,” the company says. But shouldn’t wine stay in the bottle on its side in a dark place, or drunk within two weeks once its opened? The company answers our question and puts our minds at ease, saying the product “keeps open wine clean and safe from oxidation for weeks with NSF approved plastic components, sanitary stainless steel spouts, and the use of argon or nitrogen gas.” I guess that settles it. The unit costs $3,995.


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