Kerdi-Line Brings More Choices to the Linear Drain Category

Back in March, I did a post about a new type of bath drain that is a much cooler alternative to the regular round jobs we know here in the U.S. It has been one of our most popular posts, and for good reason. Well, the category just got a little bigger because I’ve found another one. Schluter Systems has finally released its version of the product. Kerdi-Line drain is a low-profile unit that fits contemporary-style baths nicely, but it’s also perfect for zero-clearance, wheelchair-accessible showers. Ranging from 20 inches to 48 inches long, the drain has an adjustable grate frame to accommodate different tile thicknesses and comes with three interchangeable grate designs: brushed stainless steel with side drainage, traditional design with square grate openings, and inverted design for tile installation.


7 comments on “Kerdi-Line Brings More Choices to the Linear Drain Category

  1. We’ll I got my hands on my first Kerdi-Line drain and gave it a good once over. The drain offers up a number of options for shower renovations but I think fails to deliver on a functional basis.

    I wish the adjustable collar was stiffer and perhaps pre-sloped a touch. I’m also not fond of the installation instructions and amount of build up of Kerdi layers in a flush wall application. Easley 3-4 layers as instructed by the included instructions.

    I’m sure I can tweak an install or two and make it work for me but I think the other linear drain companies offer up more options and a broader range of tile setting materials.

    • That’s very interesting. I love that you’re in a position to give us a good review. I do some renovation on my own as well, and there is nothing like getting hands on experience with a product. Besides, manufacturers make so many bogus claims about their product. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Still not available here in Vancouver but there are many linear shower drains being installed from Luxe, Proline, ACO and My Shower Grate Shop.

    The biggest advantage is not having to cut down larger format tiles to keep the shower floor similar to the remainder of the bathroom.

    We’ve install about 15 these past 9 months. Everyone loves the line drain!

    • Thanks for the comment. These drains are great, but i haven’t really seen many in homes here yet. It will be interesting to see if they catch on with consumers who are renovating their homes or building from scratch.

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