Who Needs Granite Countertops When You Have Cool Options Like This?

First of all, let me just preface this post by saying that we here at the Q are fans of stone. Soapstone and marble are particular favorites of ours, but we do have a problem with granite being the default option for kitchens. There are many options. We do like materials such as this Micro from Meld USA. The eco-conscious surfacing material is made from 74 percent pre-consumer recycled glass and a cement-based binder. (This is just one supplier of such products; there are others, such as IceStone in Brooklyn, N.Y.) Available in six standard colors, slabs measure 30 inches by 96 inches and 1½ inches thick. www.meldusa.com.


4 comments on “Who Needs Granite Countertops When You Have Cool Options Like This?

    • Yes, granite is great. The problem is that it lost its luster because it’s everywhere. Plus, there are some terrible-looking versions out there. Thanks for reading.

      • Yahoo’s finance page has run 3 separate top stories today alleging SEC is going to make Money Market funds less liquid and the consequential investor outrage. Sounds like more herding of the lemmings out of cash, only I have a feeling this one will work…for a while. If this pisses you off and you are holding 401K assets in MM’s at .0001%, where can you put it? Answer: EVERYwhere else. Looks like a sweet February for stocks and bonds to me. Artificial sweetener, for sure, but most people can’t tell the difference.

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