The Savina Bath Collection is Totally Retro…But Totally Hip!

Trend watchers say everything old is new again, which might explain why suede bucks, argyle-print sweaters, and all things preppy are showing up at the fashion shows and The Sartorialist. Word even has it that Ashton Kutcher wants to revive the ascot. (Good luck with that, dude!) Going retro always smacks of opportunism to us because it signals that people are out of new ideas. But there is one retro look that we like: the Savina Collection from American Standard’s JADO brand. Based on 19th century designs, the pieces are—to use the company’s words—“opulent with intricate detailing and rich ornamentation.” We don’t normally dig ornamentation, but we like this line because the pieces look all old timey (reminiscent of a period when people wore stove-pipe hats and monocles without trying to be ironic) but with today’s function, such as the low-flow faucets. Models include pillar taps and widespread faucets, with two-handle, cross-handle, and lever-handle options.


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