Remodeling a Kitchen or Bath? These are the Design Trends for 2011

Courtesy Wellborn Cabinets

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), a non-profit trade association that represents kitchen and bath professionals, recently conducted a survey of more than 100 of its designer members and asked them to reveal design trends for 2011. “The results of this survey suggest there will be some changes in the direction that kitchen and bath styles will take this year,” the group says. Some of these have been building slowly for years, but the group says the seven kitchen trends and four bathroom trends listed here are poised to take hold in 2011.


1. Shaker-style Cabinets. NKBA says that by end of 2010, Shaker supplanted Contemporary as the second most popular style after Traditional. While Traditional remained the most popular style—used by 76% of designers surveyed over that last three months of 2010—the percent of respondents who designed Shaker kitchens rose to 55%.

2. Dark Finishes. Dark natural finishes became the most specified toward the end of 2010.

3. A Place for Wine. Un-chilled wine storage is growing in popularity.

4. French Door Refrigerator. Units with cabinet-style upper doors and freezer on the bottom are the type specified most often by NKBA member designers.

5. Inducting Cooktops. While gas and electric models are still the most popular, induction cooktops that use magnetic energy to cook food are up to 34%.

6. LED Lighting. Energy efficient light-emitting diode lighting has increased from 47% to 54%.

7. Trash Cabinets. Some 89% of kitchens designed by NKBA members in the final quarter of 2010 include a trash or recycling pull-out.

Courtesy CaesarStone


 1. Quartz Countertops. Quartz continues to take away market share from granite for bathroom vanity tops.

2. Green Colored Bathrooms. Green color palettes were used by 24% of NKBA designers at the end of 2010—up from 14%.

3. Vessel Sinks. Undermount sinks continue to dominate newly remodeled bathrooms, but vessel sinks have become the clear second choice.

4. Satin Nickel Faucets. From the end of 2009 to the end of 2010, the percent of NKBA designers who specified a satin nickel faucet rose from 41% to 63% in the kitchen and from 45% to 57% in the bathroom.


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