Cool Architect-Designed Furniture

Museum & Library Furniture

The history of architects designing furniture is a rich one. Look up Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, or Charles and Ray Eames if you don’t believe me (It’s a natural fit, if you think about it). The Washington, D.C. area architect Thomas S. Shiner continues this rich tradition. His company offers many pieces, but we happen to like his Museum Stool ($175) and his Monticello Outdoor bench ($2,700). The cool things about these are their simple forms, clean lines, and use of warm solid hardwoods. The lightweight 21 5/8-inch stool is made from natural poplar, and features visible joints and a clear lacquer finish. Made to hold up in extreme weather, the 71-inch bench is crafted from solid American white oak and uses stainless steel hardware and fittings.

Museum Stool
Monticello Outdoor Bench


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