If You Really Need a $7,000 Toilet, Here’s INAX REGIO


Today’s topic of discussion is this: Does one really need a $5,000 toilet? The answer, of course, is maybe…kidding! Up until a handful of years ago, this wasn’t something we really had to think about. Sure, some units cost in the upper hundreds of dollars, but you had to be a Saudi prince, a Russian oligarch, or a Wall Street Ponzi schemer to buy gold commodes and other baubles. But TOTO USA brought the issue mainstream some years ago when it introduced the Neorest toilet (about $5,800) to the U.S. market. Kohler got into the act with not one but two high-priced offerings of its own: the Purist Hatbox ($4,348 to $5,660) and the Fountainhead ($4,638 to $6,030). (A little birdy told us that another super premium unit from a European manufacturer is set to hit the U.S. market later this year; we’ll keep you posted.) Now another Japanese company, INAX, has joined the party with its REGIO toilet. Achieving new heights of decadence, the dual-flush unit (1.1 gallons of water per flush or 1.6) offers automated function, hygienic cleansing, and antibacterial technology. LED lights illuminate the interior of the bowl, music plays as the lid automatically opens to uncover a heated seat, deodorizing begins when the seat is occupied, a retractable wand offers personal cleansing, and then the unit flushes itself with what the company calls “the industry’s first automatic ‘Silent Stream Flushing System.’” We have no idea what that means, so don’t ask. After the flushing, a purifier activates to cleanse the air in the room. And for good measure, the toilet saves energy by automatically powering down when not in use. So what does all of this unnecessary luxury costs? $5,900 to $7,350. www.inax-usa.com.


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