3form Architectural Panels


Architects love lightweight architectural plastic panels because the products are the perfect substitute for glass. Salt Lake City-based 3form is one of leaders in the category. The company offers a wide selection of decorative panels, some encapsulating decorative materials—grass, shells, fabric—between the panels. The company also offers products made with varying levels of recycled content, such as 100 Percent, a product made from post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene from such sources as milk jugs. Varia ecoresin, on the other hand, contains a minimum of 40 percent pre-consumer recycled content. Products come in many colors and patterns, and can be used for doors, cabinet panels, and screens. www.3-form.com.


4 comments on “3form Architectural Panels

    • I’ve looked at some other brands that accomplish pretty much the same effect such as Lumicor and Knoll Textiles. 3form is very cool, but it’s also expensive. The company now offers a line of “seconds” that are a lot cheaper. What brands do you recommend?

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