Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerated Columns


Peep any high-end kitchen on TV or in movies—Brangelina’s kitchen in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Diane Keaton’s in Something’s Gotta Give, and Tony Stark’s in Iron Man—and you are likely to see a Sub-Zero refrigerator lurking in the background (or the foreground, as the case may be). The manufacturer, bless its heart, was even nice enough to compile a nice long list for you here. So why is the brand the de facto status symbol of real estate wealth? Who knows! There are certainly other luxury refrigerators on the market. But truth be told, the company excels at creating products with a hip quotient that’s extremely high. Its latest is the integrated all-refrigerator or all-freezer column measuring 27 inches wide. If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford one. But if you’re curious, the units feature digital microprocessors that keep the temperature within 1 degree of the selected setting, low profile hinges, heavy insulation and a magnetic door seal to promote energy efficiency and keep food fresh.


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