products we love: onsia invisible speakers

Acoustic Ceiling Products

Home theaters with surround-sound speakers and woofers are great when you’re watching movies, sports, or anything with explosions. But when they’re not in use, all those speakers can be an eyesore. That’s why these Onsia In-Wall Invisible speakers appeal to me. I saw a demonstration of them some time ago and I was, eh, blown away. Unlike traditional surface-mounted or in-wall units with visible grills, Onsia is actually installed into the wall with screws and joint compound and has no grates, grills, or covers to mar your design aesthetic (see installation video here). In addition, they can be installed in high humidity areas such baths or pool houses—if you’re so lucky—because they’re water resistant. And they’re relatively cheap—to me, at least: You can buy a pair at for about $72.


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