GE Hybrid Water Heater


If you own your house long enough, at some point you will need to replace your water heater. When that day comes, give this new unit (or products like it) some consideration. It’s called a hybrid, which means that—like a car—it combines two types of technologies. This Energy Star rated Geo Spring by GE Appliances (shown below) combines a traditional electric element on the bottom and a heat pump on top. The heat pump pulls heat from surrounding air and transfers it to the tank, sort of like your refrigerator in reverse. If hot water demand is high, the traditional electric heating element kicks in. GE says the unit will reduce energy expenses up to 62 percent and save as much as $320 annually on energy bills. It had better, because the unit costs about $1,500, which is more than twice as much as a traditional unit.


2 comments on “GE Hybrid Water Heater

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